Eupen Training Courses

Eupen Cable USA is proud to offer excellent customer service, technical support and installation training for our accessories, cables, connectors, and tools.

Training before installation is required by most carriers for field techs, RF engineers, project managers and line & antenna crews. Save time and money by learning proper connector procedures in a classroom environment, before installation in the field.

Most Common Courses:

Coax, Hybrid Fiber, Elliptical Waveguide

Training Videos

Installation for Common Feeder Cables

Featuring: EC5-50A, EC6-50A, EC7-50A

EC4-50-HF Connector Installation

EC4-50 Connector Installation

Connector Removal Instructions

JMA 1/2″ Annular Plenum Connector on Eupen Cable USA 1/2″ Plenum Rated Cable